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About Us
Priority Roleplay is a QBCore based server founded in June of 2023 with an experienced staff team with over a decade of server management experience, and roleplay experience. We strive to ensure LE/FR officials are executing their job functions with professionalism, while ensuring a fun environment for all members of the server and community. As of current, we are operating with the SADPS, and SAFR departments which are whitelisted, and operating a civilian department with county government officials.

Custom Vehicles

Here at Priority Roleplay, we pride ourselves on our Public Safety vehicles as being high quality, and pretty unique! Our civilian vehicles are coming soon, and will be held to just as high of a standard!

Active Development

We never stop developing our server to make it an exceptional experience to everyone that joins. Features are being added, changed, and improved constantly!

Experienced Staff

Our management and department command are experienced in running roleplay servers, managing departments, and some are even IRL first responders!

  • How do I join?

    To join Priority Roleplay, you first need to make sure that you meet the following requirements for membership: 1. Applicants must be sixteen (16) years of age or older. 2. Applicants must have Grand Theft Auto V/FiveM (unless applying for Dispatch) 3. Applicants must have a microphone with little to no background noise for use in patrols. 4. Applicants must be willing to download and use TeamSpeak 3 as radio communications 5. Applicants must be willing to login and use our CAD/MDT System. >> Then you must goto the Applications tab to submit a membership application.

  • How do I get into the CAD?

    To be able to login to our CAD/MDT system, you must be in our discord server, then you must click the Additional Links >> CAD option in the above navbar!

  • Do I have to submit an application to become a civilian?

    Short answer, no. Priority Roleplay is a QBCore based server, which allows anyone to roleplay as a civilian, as long as you are in our Discord Server and use our CAD/MDT system (which handily is integrated in game!). However, to become a Police Officer, or a Firefighter/EMT you must submit an application for membership, and submit the required applications for the respective department!

  • As a civilian, what can I do?

    As a civilian, you are able to do anything your heart desires. However, if conducting a priority, please be courteous of the LEO and Fire on the server, and limit pirorities to once every 15 minutes.

  • What is a priority?

    A priority situation is defined as any roleplay scenario that would take up considerable public safety resources, including but not limited to; Vehicle Pursuits, Armed Robberies, Mass Casualty Incidents, Shots Fired/Shootouts, and some others. If you have a question about what is considered a priority, don't hesitate to reach out to our staff!